Building Bridges: The Privilege and Responsibility

February 18, 2019

Building bridges with people who have not yet made the choice to follow Jesus can be hard. But it is a privilege and a responsibility! This week we check out what it looks like to build bridges with people so they can know the love of God.


Building Brides: A Problem to Be Solved

February 11, 2019

Bridges are everywhere! Crossing difficult terrain, spanning massive bodies of water, and making life simpler. A bridge is a solution to a difficult problem. It’s also the pathway of connection between two places. In a deeper sense, “a bridge” is the coming together of two parties. This intro to “Building Bridges” is about the problem in our lives that God built a bridge to solve.  


With God: The greatest of these is love

February 3, 2019

Love. It's complicated. It hurts. Yet we all seek it! In this conclusion to "With God" we explore what it means to know the love of God and how a life lived in love is a life lived with God. 


With God: Finding an Anchor

January 28, 2019

In this third installment of "With God," we explore the question of hope. What does it mean to have life "With God" while we're in the hardest parts of life?


With God: Trusting the Catcher

January 23, 2019

Living life "With" God sounds like a great goal right? But what does it mean? This week we're looking at replacing fear with faith and learning to sail through the hardest moments by trusting God. 


With God: Discovering the Treasure

January 17, 2019

This series kicks off with a look at 4 postures we take when relating to God. Each posture comes with a caution. In the end, we discover the true treasure of life WITH God.


This series is inspired by the book "With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani



Carols: The Stories Behind The Songs We Sing [O Come All Ye Faithful]

December 9, 2018

Patrick steps in this week to bring an amazing behind the scenes story to the song O Come All Ye Faithful. He brings edifying knowledge about the wise men and the importance of faith.  


Carols: The Story Behind the Songs We Sing [O Holy Night]

December 5, 2018

Christmas is full of many traditions. None may be as lasting as the songs we sing! Songs are also one of the best tools we have for learning and remembering important things. Everything from from a preschooler’s “ABC’s” to Biggie’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” can teach us in a way that sticks and stays. Join us this December as we take a look at some of the greatest Christmas songs that teach about the greatest story of God’s Love. Carols: The Story Behind the Songs We Sing. 


Enemies of the Heart: Jealousy

December 5, 2018

This final installment of "Enemies of heart" wrestles with one of the most sneaky and corrosive emotions... Jealousy.  


Enemies Of The Heart: Greed

November 18, 2018

As we continue this series we touch on an enemy of the heart that has corrupted many to the core. We may not even know it but the American culture is full of greed. It has become normal to be greedy and the Bible teaches the opposite. If you struggle with greed or you want to be more like Christ, this episode is for you.


Enemies Of The Heart: Anger

November 11, 2018

This is the big one. Anger is corruptive, and for most people, we don't recognize the symptoms until it is too late. It is truly an enemy of the heart and this week we tackle anger put it under a spotlight and give practical biblical teaching to eradicate it from your life. 


Enemies Of The Heart: Guilt

November 4, 2018

With this new series, we take a week to discuss one of four enemies of the heart. Guilt is one that will stick with you and eat you alive if you don't address it and release it in a timely manner. The Bible is clear about what keeps our spiritual lives healthy and when we don't take care of our spiritual heart it will lead us to poor decision making and a life of regret. Jesus wants us to live life to the full and this week we talk about the first enemy and how to combat it. 


Hands & Feet: Imitating Christ’s Humility

October 28, 2018

As we wrap up this series we end with the most important character trait needed for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Humility is one that many people struggle with because it goes against our human nature, but we are taught all throughout God's word that it is essential for being like Jesus. 


Hands & Feet: Game Changer

October 21, 2018

When the cell phone was first invented, it was a game changer! Instant communication across the city without having a landline. That's just one example of the many game changers we have experienced in our lifetime. This week we dive into the game changer that is the Gospel. It's such a game changer that you should be changed by it and live it out as Jesus explains to us. It's different and better than you think.


Hands & Feet: Hope In Action

October 7, 2018

It took several weeks to get back from Florence, but here we are, our first week back at AMC theater. With everything that has happened, we decided to start a new series that is all about being the hands and feet of Jesus. The Church is the answer to the mess Florence left behind and to kick this week off we are reminded of an incredible life-changing story.